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FlipQuiz – Game Show Style Review Games Making a Comeback!

Jeopardy has always been a teachers bread and butter when it comes time for review games. Back in the days when I was using PowerPoint, I had some really sweet templates that I would whip out and modify for whatever topic was up for review. My template was so awesome that it even played the Jeopardy theme song and countdown music for Final Jeopardy. Yeah, man, I was the ish.

Fast forward to today and things have gone a little south. My beloved PowerPoint template does not play nice with Google Slides and the Google Slide Jeopardy game that I made a copy of is a bit time consuming to edit because I somehow managed to make all icons point to the wrong place and for the love of God, why doesn’t it work?!?!

Sorry, moment of personal crisis. Which is why I am super excited to tell you about an online quiz game I found that you can use with your students. FlipQuiz provides you with a quick way to create your own game-style boards (ahem, Jeopardy like). With a few clicks of your keyboard, you can create your categories, write your questions, include images if you want to get all fancy pants, and run an awesome game.

You can sign up for a free FlipQuiz account by going to The free account is robust enough for you to create basic games to play. As always, there are upgrade options. The pro version of FlipQuiz will allow you to create teams and digitally assign points so that the one kid who is good at math doesn’t have to keep score the entire time. It also allows you to do a few other things like upload private images, copy boards, and create flashcards. I am pretty sure you can get by with just the free version, but I wanted to let you know that the upgrades are there.

Check out FlipQuiz. I think you will like the simplicity of it.